About Us

As people who are in the helping profession, our passion and joy is to be able to support those who are most in need of our support.

Inner Health Counselling and Support was established based on our passion and care for people and founded on the desire to provide high quality and inclusive services.

We are well qualified and compassionate registered NDIS Service Providers who are currently undergoing registration with the NDIS.

We are located in the Northern part of Brisbane with focus on provision of quality, person-centred, evidence based and culture sensitive support to help improve lives. Medicare referrals with gap fee options are also available.

Our Mission

At Inner Health Counselling and Support, we regard every client or participant as a valuable member of the community.

With the right quality and appropriate level of support, all humans thrive regardless.

Through this, each has the ability to contribute to their lives, others’ and the larger community. Our goal is to support the optimal functioning of each client or participant, by ensuring they are given the required support in a respectful, empowering and non-discriminatory way.

Our Values

We respect your right as individuals which include your rights to privacy, safety and also involvement of an advocate if you feel the need to.

We will try and help you arrange an interpreter if you need one. We will also try our best to match you with a staff that best matches your preference.


To provide each with the skills, resources and authority in making decisions related to their lives.


To strive for the best service provisions through regular review, participant and client feedback, as well as improvement.


To be committed to creating atmospheres where each and everyone feels able to express their views in a respectful way. 


To accept and hold all in regard, irrespective of who they are.


To work together with participants and clients in providing the best possible outcome for the them.

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